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  • Dunlap TN

Oola coaching Verified Provider

Guiding people to tap into untapped unrealized talents and purpose

When I started this journey I was working 60 to 70 hours a week at a job that was completely draining me both physically and mentally! Being at that job and having a family of five ,that I felt 100% responsible for providing not only financial assistance but quality time and attention. I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders! It was ...

  • Colorado Springs CO
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LEITH. Verified Provider

Emotional Wellness Advocate

My intention is to engage in your emotional wellness with you. To support you in living a balanced, vibrant and abundant life that is in alignment with yourself, your intentions and your values. To get acquainted with moving toward your strengths, with less focus on your weaknesses. It’s what’s right about you, that I am interested in focusing on. My desire is to support your...

  • Saint Paul MN

Coach Jenn Verified Provider

I help women find clarity and decrease stress to improve their overall health. I help guide and support women who are struggling with where they are now and what they want their life to be like. If you are a women out there who is struggling to keep it all going right now…or are putting yourself- and taking care of yourself- on the back burner because other priorities are...

    Amy Van Daele Verified Provider

    Coaching for Seekers

    I help self-aware seekers access a deeper level of understanding about their true selves and what blocks them from it. You may already be on the path of healing, but you still feel like you’re missing a piece that will enable you to be at ease with yourself and the world around you. You have been treating the symptoms, but you don’t want to keep white-knuckling your...

    • Ellettsville IN

    Key Steps for Life Coaching Verified Provider

    Bringing your life back into balance

    I coach others to a more balanced and energetic life. As a Certified Oola Life Coach we walk through the Oola Lifestyle Framework. The Oola Lifestyle Framework is an approach to the life you dream of by striving for more balance, less stress and greater purpose in life's seven key areas: fitness, finance, family, field (career), faith, friends and fun.

    • Fayetteville GA

    Avalon Coaching Verified Provider

    I help women find their purpose and passion while turning their mess into their message. Whether you’re a mom needing balance, looking for a career change, wanting to improve your marriage, facing a divorce, loving a child with substance abuse issues, or need help redirecting your finances, I will meet you where you’re at. Together we will work through finding the right path to living a balanced...

    • Tampa FL

    South Tampa Therapy and Mediation Verified Provider

    Our goal at South Tampa Therapy is to provide you with a comfortable, respectful and supportive environment where you feel open to explore any issues that come up during treatment. If, for whatever reason, we are not the right fit for you, we will provide you with resources and encourage you to find the place where you can begin your journey towards a more fulfilling life. I’ve created...

    • Oakland CA

    Will Long Verified Provider

    Special Education Advocate

    I am a Special Education Advocate! I understand from personal experience the overwhelming hurdles parents and students face in navigating complex and extensive rights detailed by federal and state laws as well as the necessity for support in achieving educational goals when faced with unique learning needs and disabilities. You and your child are the most important members of the IEP/504 team; let's make sure you are...

    • Rutland VT
    • Out-of-Pocket Only

    Shaylan Cunliffe, MA Verified Provider

    Rostered Clinician

    Current PsyD student with competed pre-doctoral supervised hours under Dr. Jennie Holden. I received my Masters in Psychology from Meridian University and expect to be approved for PsyD doctoral candidacy by the end of this summer (2022). Meridian University is a transformative learning program that is shaping me to be an Imaginal Psychologist; embracing the healing applications of expressive arts; mindfulness; somatic awareness; psychodynamic as well as...

    • San Clemente CA
    • Out-of-Network, Superbill available

    Elyse Snipes Therapy Verified Provider

    Direct, solution focused, intuitive approach to healing, growth and transformation. I host private, intensive retreats for people looking to take their work further. Individual and group options available.

    • Broomfield CO
    • Out-of-Pocket Only

    Alissa Lewis Verified Provider

    Certified Addiction Specialist. NASM Certified Personal Trainer. NASM Certified in Nutrition. She has over ten years of experience working in behavioral and mental health settings in various capacities. Alissa has assisted at many treatment centers and most recently, worked a few years at a psychiatric hospital in Colorado. Her passion in helping others in addiction began with her own journey of freedom and healing beginning fourteen...

    • Mill Valley CA
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    Brad Waldo Consulting Verified Provider

    Recovery Coaching and Case Management for Young Adults

    At Brad Waldo Consulting, sustainable, fulfilling recovery from drugs and alcohol is our goal. After nearly a decade of working in treatment centers and the music industry, Brad has identified key areas of risk to maintaining sobriety, and through individual recovery coaching and family care management, provides a solution for those risks. Brad Waldo Consulting provides comprehensive assessment and referral to treatment, concierge discharge planning to ensure successful...

    • Boynton Beach FL

    A Design for Living Verified Provider

    Intervention, Clinical Care Management, Transport

    • Oradell NJ
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    • EmblemHealth
    • Empire BlueCross BlueShield

    Pegie Contillo , MSW LCSW SAC Verified Provider

    • Freeport IL

    Arrow's Edge Coaching Verified Provider

    Leadership, Life, and Business coach

    I help to empower Christian leaders to transform their mindset so they can do life on purpose and full their God-given destiny. I am a Certified Leadership Coach, Certified Oola life Coach, and an Ordained Christian Minister.

    • Pebble Beach CA

    Sandie Macgowan Verified Provider

    Certified Life & Recovery Coach Professional

    As a woman in retirement with long-term recovery in and around substance abuse, I chose to create a community for women who are in recovery or considering recovery, from alcohol and other addictions. The problem may be through the woman's own use or a woman being affected by someone else's use. Either way, Women Rocking Recovery offers a variety of workshops, readings, support groups, and more for...

    • Vineyard Haven MA

    Decisions Counseling Services LLC Verified Provider

    Addiction Treatment Service Specialist

    Born and raised on the Jersey Shore, my life was a mixed blessing of love and accomplishment mixed with the shit show of peace love, and drugs, drugs, drugs, which dominated my landscape till my marriage to a girl from Martha’s Vineyard. My last line of coke was at my wedding on June 28, 1986, which demarcated my climb back to reality. It was a...

    • Haddonfield NJ

    Deborah Sanders, Esq. Verified Provider

    Bar Exam Coach, Law tutor

    For over 20 years, I have been teaching a methodical and predictable approach to passing the bar exam. My course is mainly UBE-focused. The UBE is the predominant test offered in the United States and continues to be adopted across the country. I am most known for my work with anxious re-takers and for providing emotional support through my process, which I created for my own bar...

    • Palm Beach Gardens FL
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    Family First Adolescent Services Verified Provider

    Residential Treatment Center (Adolescent Boys , 13-18 Years Old)

    Family First Adolescent Services is an insurance friendly adolescent treatment center for mental health, substance abuse, trauma, problematic gaming, and behavioral issues. Offering a boutique experience with 2:1 staff to client ratio, beautiful campuses, and a clinically advanced program developed specifically for teens, that is both challenging and nurturing. The unique clinical approach at Family First is intensive, dynamic and highly effective. When clients enter our program, they receive...

    • Mount Vernon NY

    Cammy Mcfadden Verified Provider

    Recovery Coach

    I've been in recovery for alcohol and drug abuse for 30 years. I am a certified recovery coach and also Break Free Intervention certified. I am passionate about empowering individuals to achieve their goals. I am non-clinical and promote self direction. I am nonjudgmental, empathic and compassionate. I help my clients navigate 12 step meetings, finding a sponsor, aftercare planning, support services and navigating the bridge back...

    • Costa Mesa CA

    Rev. Emily Bielen, M.Msc. Verified Provider

    Spiritual Director and Consultant

    My practice provides spiritual directorship and consulting for both individuals, groups, and companies. Whether you are a CEO, a stay at home mom, or an emerging adult, my practice is devoted to helping those that may be questioning why they are still not happy despite having everything they need or want and may even be questioning their purpose in life.

    • Mill Valley CA

    Rise Up To Change LLC Verified Provider

    Individualized Treatment, Sober Coaching and Monitoring for Adolescents

    The professional team's goal at Rise Up To Change is to help students remain in their home and school settings while developing confidence and life skills to help support and maintain their sobriety. We provide individualized treatment, sober coaching and monitoring for teens. Our services are focused on early intervention, interim support as a teen waits to enter a residential program and/or aftercare services which...

    • Out-of-Network, Superbill available

    Radical Wellness Collaborative Verified Provider

    We are a collaborative of professionals reframing the narrative on how therapy and mental health services are provided. We specialize in remote therapy and coaching for people looking to create real change. We use modern, dynamic approaches to move people through their resistance and into their goals. Don’t limit yourself to your city limits. Think outside the box and get access to a wellness provider who is...

    • Swanton VT

    Dena F. St. Amour Verified Provider

    Life Coaching, Consulting & Leadership Development

    As a certified Oola life coach, I am here to help you find balance in an unbalanced world. Using the proven Oola framework, I can help you to have the energy to live life fully. Feel secure in your finances and never fight about money again. Do work you love. Feel deep connections with family and friends. Confidently pursue your purpose on...

    • Piedmont MO

    Life Coaching with Tonia Verified Provider

    Tonia Miriani is a mom to three children, an elementary school counselor, a former high school counselor, and middle school teacher, an Emotional Freedom Practitioner, and a certified Oola Life Coach. Tonia has always had a passion for helping others, first kids in public education, and then her audience shifted to helping drained and overwhelmed momma’s to live a more happy and fulfilled life. She was struggling to...

    • Norwalk CT

    Steve Tobey RCP Verified Provider

    Recovery Coach Professional

    • Cherokee IA

    Coaching Choices, LLC Verified Provider

    Helping with Balance of life

    I am a Certified Life Coach based in Cherokee, Iowa. My coaching approach brings clarity, direction, and positive support for my clients. I help clients live their best life, by filling the gap between where they are now, and where they want to be. By identifying where growth is desired, setting goals and objectives, and holding accountability, clients will reach their highest goals and dreams. I...

    • Frederick MD
    • Out-of-Pocket Only

    Dolan Research International Verified Provider

    Certified life coach and recovery coach professional working to inspire and support people so that they can move, and help others move, from barely surviving into the thriving life they dream of.

    Dolan Research International exists to provide innovative, personal and diverse training to organizations and individuals around the world. Our highly trained coaches work to inspire and support people so that they can move, and help others move, from barely surviving into the thriving life they dream of.

    • Alpharetta GA
    • Out-of-Pocket Only

    North Georgia Family Counseling Center Verified Provider

    Meghan Robinson

    With a Psychology degree from Arizona State University and a passion for recovery, Meghan joined North Georgia Family Counseling Centers as an advanced drug and alcohol specialist and therapeutic resource to help our community fight the addiction epidemic. For those suffering with substance abuse, mental health issues and process addictions, Meghan provides clinical and behavioral health consulting, coaching, intervention support, counseling, family support, treatment placement, psychoeducation and...

    • Offers Telecare

    Insight Coaching Verified Provider

    Sex and Porn Recovery Coaching

    If you know you want to make changes in your life, or if you are just curious about what might be going on for you, book a free call and know that you are not alone, that change is possible with Insight. I help you to make meaningful lasting changes in your life. I want to help you change your relationship with porn, sex, the internet and...

    • Lanesville IN

    Evolve Coaching & Consulting Verified Provider

    Leadership Development

    Erin offers her corporate and individual clients practical tools for success so they can enjoy fulfilling careers while leading balanced lives. Dr. Erin understands that when we are able to balance work-life integration and show up as our whole selves it allows us to be more fully present in all aspects of our lives including work, family, and community.

    • Offers Telecare

    Kevin Diakiw, RCP, CCRC Verified Provider

    Certified Recovery Coach

    Kevin Diakiw a certified recovery coach, and recovery coach trainer in Canada. He is in long-term, continuous recovery, meaning he hasn't needed a mind-altering substance since July 22, 1991. He gets great joy in helping others find their own path to wholeness, where drugs and alcohol aren't a necessary part of their own ideal life. He is also schooled in the CRAFT method of family therapy, teaching families how to...

      Phil Plant and Associates Verified Provider

      Therapeutic Interventionist and Recovery Specialist

      Phil Plant and Associates specialize in helping clients achieve sustainable, long-term recovery from addiction and co-occuring mental health issues. Recognizing that addiction is a family disease, we do an assessment of the family system, with emphasis on developing an individualized Recovery Plan for the loved on suffering with addiction and mental issues. Our services include: Treatment Consulting, Therapeutic Intervention, Case Management and Recovery Oversight, Therapeutic Life Coaching...

      • Bryn Mawr PA
      • Out-of-Network, Superbill available

      Espenshade Counseling Verified Provider

      Espenshade Counseling is a full service concierge outpatient behavioral health care management firm established in 2015. Our Founder, Sarah McCabe Espenshade’s family legacy and personal struggles inspired her to establish a behavioral health organization that caters to the unique needs of affluent individuals and families. Espenshade Counseling specializes in developing highly customized, “outside of the box” behavioral health care solutions for affluent individuals and families who require...

      • Beverly Hills CA

      Alegria Collaborative Verified Provider

      Professional Coaching & Case Management

      Alegria Collaborative is known for having extensive experience with high-acuity psychiatric and substance abuse cases. Our services provide a link from the doctor’s office to the patient’s home. With cases involving complex psychiatric and substance addiction conditions, our care is crucial for compliance and an experience that cannot be gained in an office setting. For this reason, we have become the go-to companion service for the psychiatry...

        Bridge To Shore Interventions Verified Provider

        Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder Interventions

        At Bridge to Shore Interventions, we help families heal when the family system has been negatively impacted by addiction and mental health. We conduct interventions, provide sober transport, recovery companions, and I often work one-on-one with families to help them choose the right treatment facility for their loved with. I am also partnered with SoberLink Monitoring to provide alcohol monitoring services to my clients. Addiction is very...

          David Huff Recovery Coach, LLC Verified Provider

          Coaching People in Recovery and Transformation

          I work with people who are already on the path of recovery to help them set and attain the goals that will take them to the next level of transformation.

          • Dunlap TN

          Michelle Haman Verified Provider

          I encourage and guide women to learn how to focus on their emotional health. Our emotions are tied to our physical and mental well being. I love empowering women to feel their emotions rather than stuffing them down. Every woman is different and what works for one woman doesn’t always work for another. I am on a mission to help women free their body, mind, and spirit!...

          • Denver CO
          • Out-of-Pocket Only

          The Recovery Guides Verified Provider

          Behavioral Health Services

          The Recovery Guides is a behavioral health services provider. We integrate with current care continuums, consultants, and clinicians to provide wrap around support services such as: Intervention, Private Investigators, Crisis Navigation, Case Management, Transport, Drug & Alcohol Testing, and In-Home Support Staff. We work regularly with adults and adolescents.

          • Monrovia CA

          Life by Natalie Verified Provider

          Certified Oola Life Coach, Certified Green Gap Financial Coach

          Been a rough year? Tired of feeling stuck in life? Well, YOU were designed for GREATNESS and a PURPOSE! The Oola Lifestyle Frameworks helps you work towards balance, growth, and abundance in 7 key areas of life; Fitness, Finance, Field, Faith, Family, Friends, & Fun. With the Oola Lifestyle Framework, you’ll be able to identify hidden stressors in your life, design specific goals to build your self-confidence, breakthrough...

          • New York NY
          • Offers Telecare

          Robert L Kravitz Verified Provider

          • Clearwater FL

          Morgan Dynda, RCP Verified Provider

          Recovery Coach Professional

          Hi! My name is Morgan and I am a Recovery Coach Professional (RCP) designated by the Connecticut Community of Addiction Recovery (CCAR). I hold a certificate in Addiction Studies and currently work at a non-profit Recovery Community Organization (RCO). I have personal experience dealing with mental health issues, eating disorders, and grief navigation. I specialize in addiction recovery coaching and hold a support group for those who...

          • Cottage Grove MN

          Charles LeVoir, RCP Verified Provider

          CCAR Certified Recovery Coach Professional

          How can I help you in your Recovery journey? My name is Charlie LeVoir and I am a person in long term recovery from alcoholism and addiction since 2014. Recovery began with the 12-Step program and fellowship, and I now incorporate a variety of Recovery tools to sustain a meaningful and enduring Recovery. I am honored to hold the CCAR Recovery Coach Professional Certification and I am...

          • Harriman NY

          Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC, CPS Verified Provider

          Coach, Consultant, Educator, Peer Specialist

          I offer recovery solutions through an integrative approach body, mind, and spirit. We explore the body/mind connection as well as the gut/brain connection using spiritual solutions and self care practices, including whole food nutrition, mindfulness meditations and practices, exercise, expressive writing, and a host of other natural and organic solutions, all specifically tailored to your individuality, and health and wellness goals. I am merely your guide to...

          • Columbus OH

          Spin Cycle Coaching Verified Provider

          Narcissistic Abuse and Toxic Relationships

          Credentialed Coach with training and personal experience in narcissistic abuse. Gain understanding about toxic behaviors and patterns. Partner coaching increases your awareness of your part in the cycle and helps you learn tools to break free from and stay out of toxic cycles.

          • Red Bank NJ

          Lindsay Berman, LCSW Verified Provider

          Teens, young adults, and adults

          • Clearwater FL
          • Offers Telecare

          Rebbie Page, RCP Verified Provider

          Recovery Coach Professional

          Are you looking for peer support on your recovery journey? Let’s take this adventure together! We can develop and set SMART goals while building recovery capital; we’ll also connect with the local recovery community. I provide an open and nonjudgmental approach to recovery coaching and accept all pathways to recovery. I am also 12 Step-alternative friendly.

            Lisa Drennon Verified Provider

            Business Strategist Energetic Mindset Mentor

            As a Business Strategist Energetic Mindset Mentor I help Christian female entrepreneurs SOAR🦅 Seeking Scripture & Strategy to Optimize systems & Authentically build a Rock-solid mindset that is in alignment w/ their purpose to attract ideal clients so they can scale to 6-figures. If you are stuck in your career, your business isn't where you want it to be, I can help. So often we stay stuck...

              Patty S Fallone Verified Provider

              Parent Recovery Coach

              I work directly with parents of addicts helping them on their own path to recovery from their child's addiction. I help them separate their child from their disease so they can better determine if their actions are supporting their child or their child's disease and I help them rediscover the joy in their own lives by focusing on their own behaviors and empowering them in their own...

              • Carbondale CO

              Jonathan Lencioni Verified Provider

              I have worked in treatment since 2015. My first job was the Program Director of a sober living in Colorado. I then worked at Jaywalker Lodge running the alumni program and working on the admissions team. Both of these jobs made me realize the important role an interventionist and recovery coach can play in a person’s, and their family’s, recovery. In January of 2020 I started Lighthouse...