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  • Bowling Green KY

The Bridge to Recovery Verified Provider

Residential workshop

We are a nonprofit residential workshop the helps people with unresolved trauma, family of origin issues, codependency and other maladaptive coping strategies. A safe and loving place to uncover and discover what your core issues are and provide tools for for you to have a renewed enthusiasm for your life. The minimum length is stay is 2 weeks.

  • Elizabeth CO
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Healing Pines Recovery Verified Provider

men's residential treatment program

We are a men's 8-bed residential treatment program located on a 40-acre ranch in Elizabeth, CO. Utilizing the beautiful outdoors as our setting, we have equine, animal and horticulture therapy as well as disc golf, pickle ball, basketball, and a mountain bike trail as well as walking meditation labyrinth, yoga and play therapy. Master's level clinicians providing truly individualized care to men needing something outside...

  • Newport Beach CA
  • Out-of-Network

Ocean Recovery Verified Provider

For more than 20 years, Ocean Recovery has been helping individuals achieve long-term recovery from substance abuse, addiction, eating disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders. Sometimes we are the first stop on our clients’ recovery journey, but often individuals come to our facility after multiple attempts to get sober. We believe there is always hope for a new, healthy, life free from addiction—no matter what a person’s...

  • Longmont CO
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Redpoint Center Verified Provider

Intensive Outpatient Program

The Redpoint Center is an intensive outpatient substance abuse and mental health treatment facility that seeks to empower its clients to live meaningful lives of Community, Purpose, and Recovery. Our team of licensed professionals understands the complex challenges associated with starting anew, and collectively provide a diverse set of tools to safely navigate those challenges.

  • Carbondale CO

Jaywalker Lodge Verified Provider

Addiction Treatment Center

Jaywalker offers an addiction treatment continuum with a committed focus on 12-step philosophy and community integration. In addition, we are a multidisciplinary team consisting of MDs, Master’s-level clinicians, addiction specialists, and mental health and trauma experts capable of treating complex clients that present with a myriad of mental health, psychiatric and trauma disorders. Our program is multimodal, clinically sophisticated and achieves a high rate of success...

  • Palm Beach Gardens FL
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Family First Adolescent Services Verified Provider

Residential Treatment Center (Adolescent Boys , 13-18 Years Old)

Family First Adolescent Services is an insurance friendly adolescent treatment center for mental health, substance abuse, trauma, problematic gaming, and behavioral issues. Offering a boutique experience with 3:1 staff to client ratio, beautiful campuses, and a clinically advanced program developed specifically for teens, that is both challenging and nurturing. The unique clinical approach at Family First is intensive, dynamic and highly effective. When clients enter our program, they receive...

  • Cumberland Furnace TN

Onsite Verified Provider

Located on a 250-acre campus among the scenic rolling hills of Tennessee, Onsite curates week long, transformational emotional health experiences. Through top-tier hospitality and culinary services and the best therapeutic and clinical minds in the country, we are on a mission to connect the world through empathy, self-awareness, resiliency, and compassion.

  • Tucson AZ
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Sabino Recovery Verified Provider

Trauma and Addiction Center

Sabino Recovery is a residential trauma program that addresses maladaptive coping behaviors such as substance use and disordered eating. Our clinically sophisticated team collaborates with each person to create a personalized treatment plan tailored to their specific presenting circumstances. We don’t offer any specific treatment tracks. Rather, everyone’s treatment plan is catered around their specific needs. The small size, intimate setting, private rooms, and flexibility to...

  • Estes Park CO
  • Offers Telecare

Harmony Foundation Verified Provider

Harmony has an outstanding program, spanning five decades of providing successful treatment for alcoholics and drug addicts. Throughout its history, Harmony has shown itself to be adaptable to social, economic, and moral trends within both the community at large and the treatment community specifically. Harmony continues to provide the tools needed for successful, ongoing recovery, utilizing evidence-based best practices in an unparalleled mountain setting at a moderate...

  • Indianapolis IN
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Circle City IOP Verified Provider

Our mission is to provide the most clinically sophisticated program in the Midwest by utilizing evidence based therapies, shared group experiences, and providing a safe space to lean into the discomfort of the work which will allow our clients holistic reintegration into their lives and the community as a whole. Our highly trained therapists take a client-centered, trauma-informed approach to determine the unique needs of each individual....

  • Petaluma CA

Muir Wood Adolescent & Family Services Verified Provider

Gender Specific Adolescent Treatment

The guiding philosophy of our program emphasizes kindness and compassion over confrontation and control. At Muir Wood, we provide the highest-quality care available, creating a setting where teens and families feel valued and engaged. Accredited by the Joint Commission, recognized as a gold standard, and in-network with leading insurers such as Kaiser Permanente, Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, MHN, Humana, and Cigna, Muir Wood makes exceptional adolescent mental...

  • Dedham MA
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New Harbor Behavioral Healthcare Verified Provider

Whole person healing for young people and their families affected by substance use and mental health challenges.

New Harbor Behavioral Healthcare is a values driven treatment provider dedicated to clinically excellent services for young people in Dedham, MA. We treat family systems, emphasizing whole person wellness and evidence proven therapies so young people and their families can find healing, and build lives of purpose and meaning.

  • Tampa FL

South Tampa Therapy and Mediation Verified Provider

Our goal at South Tampa Therapy is to provide you with a comfortable, respectful and supportive environment where you feel open to explore any issues that come up during treatment. If, for whatever reason, we are not the right fit for you, we will provide you with resources and encourage you to find the place where you can begin your journey towards a more fulfilling life. I’ve created...

  • New Haven CT
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Turnbridge Verified Provider


Since its inception in 2003, Turnbridge has received national acclaim for its industry-leading work with young adults who have been derailed by substance use and co-occurring disorders. Turnbridge’s three-phased, step-down process is informed by conclusive studies that show the longer an individual is engaged in treatment the better his or her outcome. As Turnbridge residents advance through each Phase, their coping skills, self-esteem, and recovery...