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  • Wood Ridge NJ
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Jennifer Lamaj, LCSW Verified Provider

Jennifer Lamaj is Licensed Clinical Social Worker with experience treating adults. Working several years for a prestigious addiction treatment agency, Jenn has had exposure not only to substance use and recovery but also individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, relationship strain, and communication issues to name just a few. Feedback for Jenn, is often that individuals feel “seen”, “heard”, and “cared for” in her presence. She provides a...

  • Hermosa Beach CA
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Jessica Taylor Vara, LMFT, EMDR Verified Provider

Anxiety and Trauma

Jessica specializes in helping women of all ages overcome anxiety and trauma to feel calm and empowered. She is a fully certified EMDR Therapist that supports clients to let go of feeling overwhelmed in order to confidently take control of their lives.

    Phil Plant and Associates Verified Provider

    Therapeutic Interventionist and Recovery Specialist

    Phil Plant and Associates specialize in helping clients achieve sustainable, long-term recovery from addiction and co-occuring mental health issues. Recognizing that addiction is a family disease, we do an assessment of the family system, with emphasis on developing an individualized Recovery Plan for the loved on suffering with addiction and mental issues. Our services include: Treatment Consulting, Therapeutic Intervention, Case Management and Recovery Oversight, Therapeutic Life Coaching...

    • Marstons Mills MA

    Amanda McGerigle LICSW, PMHC Verified Provider

    Teens/Adults/Maternal Health

    • Cherry Hill NJ
    • Offers Telecare
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    NJ Recovery & Wellness Verified Provider

    Outpatient Therapy Group Practice

    NJ Recovery & Wellness is an outpatient group practice in Florham Park & Cherry Hill, NJ specializing in treating mental health conditions and substance use disorders in adolescents, adults, and families. Our licensed and certified clinicians are mission driven, seeking to reduce stigma toward mental health conditions and substance use disorders and improving outcomes for those who receiving treatment. Although individual clinicians specializations vary, NJ Recovery & Wellness...

    • Tampa FL

    South Tampa Therapy and Mediation Verified Provider

    Our goal at South Tampa Therapy is to provide you with a comfortable, respectful and supportive environment where you feel open to explore any issues that come up during treatment. If, for whatever reason, we are not the right fit for you, we will provide you with resources and encourage you to find the place where you can begin your journey towards a more fulfilling life. I’ve created...

    • Caldwell NJ
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    Joel M Levine, LMFT Verified Provider

    Couples and Family Therapist

    I am a skilled, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist trained to help you increase satisfaction in your relationships.

    • West Berlin NJ
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    Aquarius Rising, LLC Verified Provider

    LGBTQ+ Gender affirming

    • Cape May Court House NJ

    Eternal Gratitude Counseling and Consultation Verified Provider

    Child and adolescent

    • Rutland VT
    • Out-of-Pocket Only

    Shaylan Cunliffe, MA Verified Provider

    Rostered Clinician

    Current PsyD student with competed pre-doctoral supervised hours under Dr. Jennie Holden. I received my Masters in Psychology from Meridian University and expect to be approved for PsyD doctoral candidacy by the end of this summer (2022). Meridian University is a transformative learning program that is shaping me to be an Imaginal Psychologist; embracing the healing applications of expressive arts; mindfulness; somatic awareness; psychodynamic as well as...

    • Philadelphia PA
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    Jacob Neff Counseling Verified Provider

    Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, MSS

    In my work with adolescents, young adults, adults and families, I am committed to providing individuals with the tools to realize their potential and separate themselves from the substances, behaviors and attitudes hindering their development and well-being. I provide a collaborative, respectful and empathic therapeutic context for addressing the personal issues and challenges that interfere with healthy functioning and a sense of personal competence. Using a strength-based...

    • San Clemente CA
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    Elyse Snipes Therapy Verified Provider

    Direct, solution focused, intuitive approach to healing, growth and transformation. I host private, intensive retreats for people looking to take their work further. Individual and group options available.

    • Bryn Mawr PA
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    Espenshade Counseling Verified Provider

    Espenshade Counseling is a full service concierge outpatient behavioral health care management firm established in 2015. Our Founder, Sarah McCabe Espenshade’s family legacy and personal struggles inspired her to establish a behavioral health organization that caters to the unique needs of affluent individuals and families. Espenshade Counseling specializes in developing highly customized, “outside of the box” behavioral health care solutions for affluent individuals and families who require...

    • Los Angeles CA

    Elaine Skoulas Verified Provider

    Individual Psychotherapy

    • Cape Coral FL
    • Offers Telecare
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    • Medicare

    Nelson L. Hadler, LLC Verified Provider

    Treating adults, adolescents and families for thirty years. Mood , Substance Use and Co-Occurring Disorders as well as trauma, loss and psychotic disorders. Relaxed, confidential and personalized treatment. Clinical supervision provided as well. Florida and NJ Certified Clinical Supervisor. Internationally Certified Drug and Alcohol Supervisor. Licensed in Florida and New Jersey. NJ: LCSW, LCADC, CCS FL: LCSW, CAC, ICCS

    • Philadelphia PA
    • Out-of-Network

    DJG Therapy Verified Provider

    I believe that acceptance and surrender are the first steps towards making a change in one’s life. I am a licensed clinical social worker who focuses on encouraging and empowering individuals on their road to recovery. I work with adults with addiction issues, as well as depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. My approach is psycho-dynamic with emphasis on empowering my clients by using a short-term problem-solving approach....

    • Paramus NJ
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    Jenica Siniscalco LCSW Verified Provider


    I am an LCSW with years of experience dealing with individuals with relationship issues, trauma, substance abuse, loss, depression, and anxiety among other significant life transitions. My approach is based upon a psychodynamic understanding of personality and I approach it with an active, interactive view that allows me to take cues from my patients and work collaboratively to address their needs.

    • Chicago IL

    Head/Heart Therapy Verified Provider

    Addiction and trauma specialists

    Connecting the head and the heart – that’s the essence of Head/Heart Therapy. Often, people can logically understand insights uncovered through therapy (that’s the head part), but they struggle to make necessary changes in their lives (that’s what comes from the heart). At Head/Heart Therapy, our goal is to support you in translating what your head understands so that your heart is able to act in alignment;...

    • Westwood NJ
    • Out-of-Network, Superbill available

    Nancy Frankel, LCSW LLC Verified Provider

    The decision to seek help and support is a brave one. When we become willing to make changes we begin to take action. Nothing changes, if nothing changes. Therapy is for people who WANT therapy, not who NEED therapy. I am currently accepting new clients in my Private Practice. Offering Telehealth and In-Person in my Westwood, NJ office. If you are struggling with Relationship/Marital issues, Anxiety, Depression,...

    • Tarzana CA
    • Offers Telecare
    • Out-of-Pocket Only

    Benjamin Latham-Bryman, LMFT Verified Provider

    My practice is focused on supporting individuals through challenging periods of their lives. I work primarily with adolescents and young adults, supporting them in navigating through life transitions. I integrate various modalities into my practice drawing from Narrative, Psychodynamic, Humanistic, and at times Behavioral approaches. It is my hope for all of my clients that during our time together you gain valuable insights while feeling supported and...

    • Cherry Hill NJ
    • Offers Telecare
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    Lisa Rosenberg Therapy Verified Provider

    Get help and feel better from the safety and comfort of your own space.

    Lisa Rosenberg Therapy provides telehealth services to residents in NJ, PA, and FL to teens (ages 14-19) and adults who want to build healthy relationships with themselves and others. From our first phone consult to the last session together, my goal is to develop a collaborative, trusting relationship to help you improve your mood while learning how to navigate the challenges of every day life. I emphasize...

    • Union NJ
    • Offers Telecare
    • Medicare

    Roots at Crossroads Counseling LLC Verified Provider

    Sevil H. Modeste, LCSW, LCADC

    Roots at Crossroads Counseling LLC is a private therapy practice partnered with Headway to provide telehealth services. Have you been sad, experiencing crying spells, or difficulties managing your emotions? Have your worries been ongoing or distressing? Is setting boundaries or limits a challenge? Getting help is not easy and you've made the first step! Sevil H. Modeste is the leading therapist specializing in anxiety, depression, substance use amongst...

    • Oradell NJ
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    • Out-of-Network, Billing provided
    • EmblemHealth
    • Empire BlueCross BlueShield

    Pegie Contillo , MSW LCSW SAC Verified Provider

    • Out-of-Pocket Only

    Rockford Illinois Counseling Therapy Verified Provider

    Psychotherapy provided for Illinois adults

    I am an experienced clinician providing online therapy for individuals, couples, and groups who are facing challenging situations. For over 25 years I have worked with people, like yourself, who have chosen to actively grow—and push past the anxiety that accompanies mindful growth. I am honest, direct, and solution focused. In therapy you will find me to be emphatic, understanding, and an excellent communicator. You will learn...

    • Vineyard Haven MA

    Decisions Counseling Services LLC Verified Provider

    Addiction Treatment Service Specialist

    Born and raised on the Jersey Shore, my life was a mixed blessing of love and accomplishment mixed with the shit show of peace love, and drugs, drugs, drugs, which dominated my landscape till my marriage to a girl from Martha’s Vineyard. My last line of coke was at my wedding on June 28, 1986, which demarcated my climb back to reality. It was a...

    • Metuchen NJ
    • Out-of-Network, Superbill available

    Alissa Feldman, LCSW Verified Provider

    Clinical Therapist

    I provide individual therapy to teens and young adults looking to address behavioral struggles, low or poor self-esteem, and view of their future as the issues impact family relationships. When requested or suggested, I provide family therapy to further help clients improve these relationships.

    • New York NY

    Sarah McConkey Verified Provider

    I know it can be frustrating for adults with ADD/ADHD to find someone who really gets it. You've been told to "just" make a to-do list, or "just" buy a planner... If only it were that simple! ADHD is not simply a disorder among people who forgot to buy calendars. It is a different arrangement of wiring in the brain which comes with challenges, along with unique...

    • Mendham NJ
    • Out-of-Network

    Paula Barber, LCSW Verified Provider

    I am a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in helping individuals who are challenged by anxiety, depression, medical conditions, family, personal and business relationships. My approach is gently inquisitive and collaborative, using a diverse set of techniques that are tailored to your unique situation. I have recent post graduate training and experience in most of the currently used psychotherapeutic techniques used to help individuals with...

    • Out-of-Network

    Gail Roffe, LCSW Verified Provider


    My practice is built on the belief that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and to feel heard without the fear of being judged. With a warm and empathic demeanor, I provide a compassionate, strengths-based culture of care in which to explore life’s challenges and build the tools to achieve the quality of life that you desire

    • Goshen NY
    • Out-of-Network, Superbill available

    A Calm Place Therapy Verified Provider

    Psychotherapy and CBIT for Tourette syndrome

    Life can throw us a lot of curveballs! Are you feeling overwhelmed? Relationships, pregnancies, babies, new jobs, new moves, and new places can disrupt our mental health and leave us feeling anxious or depressed. If you’re feeling less like yourself, with anxious thoughts, trouble sleeping, trouble making decisions, difficulty motivating or just feeling like your new life wasn’t what you expected, I can help get you on...

    • Scotch Plains NJ
    • Medicare

    Donna Lam, JD, LCSW, LCADC Verified Provider

    Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment

    Building a connection with you by actively listening, reflecting and expressing empathy for your needs is the starting point of our time together. I focus on developing a compassionate environment where I can assist you with exploring issues you are interested in changing. My approach includes cognitive behavioral, motivational interviewing and mindfulness strategies that can help with identifying behaviors that have become roadblocks in your life. I...

    • Fair Haven NJ
    • Out-of-Network
    • Out-of-Network, Billing provided

    Ellen Ashinoff, LSW, LCSW Verified Provider

    Social Worker

    I am a Licensed Social Worker in NJ and NY and have over 20 years experience. I work with women, teens and families in person and remotely to provide counseling, supportive case management and school search/advocacy programming. I've worked with women struggling with post partum depression or anxiety in an out patient facility and privately with clients. Additional experience includes fostercare social work, school social worker and...

    • Parsippany NJ
    • Offers Telecare
    • Out-of-Network, Superbill available

    South Collective Counseling, LLC Verified Provider

    Mental Health Counseling & Clinical Supervision Services

    South Collective Counseling is a New Jersey based group private practice offering compassionate, quality, & multiculturally competent mental health counseling and clinical supervision services. Our highly experienced, diverse, and caring team looks forward to helping anyone seeking change, growth, and a better quality of life. South Collective Counseling was created to help our community thrive. Our collaborative team is unified & guided by one simple belief: “Collectively,...

    • Pennington NJ

    Phil Lane, MSW, LCSW Verified Provider

    Psychotherapist/Clinical Social Worker

    I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing psychotherapy services to individuals. I have experience treating anxiety, depression, adjustment disorders, behavioral problems, grief/loss, and more.

    • Clearwater FL
    • Out-of-Network
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    Holistic Living by Ania Verified Provider

    Ania Jarmulowicz, LCSW

    I am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) with over ten years of experience working with individuals, couples and families using a holistic approach tailored to the unique needs of each client. I work with adults and specialize in treatment of life related stress, anxiety, depression, phase-of-life changes, grief and loss, addictions and trauma.

    • Red Bank NJ

    Lindsay Berman, LCSW Verified Provider

    Teens, young adults, and adults

    • Out-of-Network, Superbill available

    Radical Wellness Collaborative Verified Provider

    We are a collaborative of professionals reframing the narrative on how therapy and mental health services are provided. We specialize in remote therapy and coaching for people looking to create real change. We use modern, dynamic approaches to move people through their resistance and into their goals. Don’t limit yourself to your city limits. Think outside the box and get access to a wellness provider who is...

    • Denver CO
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    • Out-of-Pocket Only

    Sanare Psychosocial Rehabilitation Verified Provider

    Empower. Expand. Evolve.

    Sanare PSR provides intensive in-home and community based therapeutic services for people struggling with mental health or substance abuse. PSR combines counseling, coaching, and case management across all 7 domains of functioning with the intention of reducing the impact of mental health concerns and improving the client's ability to live well.

    • Lafayette LA

    Lindsey Guillory LAC LPC Verified Provider

    Young to Mature Adults

    I offer Mental Health and/or Substance Abuse Counseling using a variety of evidence based therapeutic techniques.

    • Loveland CO
    • Out-of-Network
    • Out-of-Network, Superbill available

    Wise Little Fox, LLC Verified Provider

    Trauma Recovery Services

    • Butler NJ

    Leland Newman, LCSW Verified Provider

    My approach is open and honest; I seek to foster a strong therapeutic relationship in order to help you be successful. Ultimately, I work for you during our therapy sessions. Our sessions will not be intended to impose my thoughts or decisions upon you but to aid you in seeing the possibilities laid out before you and help you make your most empowered decision. I have success...