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  • Rutland VT
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Shaylan Cunliffe, MA Verified Provider

Rostered Clinician

Current PsyD candidate with competed pre-doctoral supervised hours under Dr. Jennie Holden. I received my Masters in Psychology from Meridian University. Meridian University is a transformative learning program that is shaping me to be an Imaginal Psychologist; embracing the healing applications of expressive arts; mindfulness; somatic awareness; psychodynamic as well as cognitive behavioral interventions; offering safe and equitable spaces; and recognising the root meaning of “psyche” as...

  • Vienna VA
  • Offers Telecare

STGRise, LLC Verified Provider

Recovery Coaching Professional for Adults 18 and over.

With over 3 years of Recovery Coaching experience, STGRise, LLC is here to help you be your best self. Brian Fraze of STGRise, LLC is a certified recovery coach (RCP) who can work with people struggling with both (or either) process addictions (sex, love, gambling, food, internet/gaming) and substances (alcohol, drugs, etc.). Brian can help navigate the life (divorce, loss of job, loss of freinds, etc.) and...

  • Chicago IL
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Head/Heart Therapy Verified Provider

Addiction and trauma specialists

Connecting the head and the heart – that’s the essence of Head/Heart Therapy. Often, people can logically understand insights uncovered through therapy (that’s the head part), but they struggle to make necessary changes in their lives (that’s what comes from the heart). At Head/Heart Therapy, our goal is to support you in translating what your head understands so that your heart is able to act in alignment;...

  • Oradell NJ

Pegie Contillo , MSW LCSW SAC Verified Provider

  • Out-of-Network, Superbill available

Radical Wellness Collaborative Verified Provider

We are a collaborative of professionals reframing the narrative on how therapy and mental health services are provided. We specialize in remote therapy and coaching for people looking to create real change. We use modern, dynamic approaches to move people through their resistance and into their goals. Don’t limit yourself to your city limits. Think outside the box and get access to a wellness provider who is...

  • Methuen MA

LOTUS Consulting, LLC Verified Provider

Dr. Jennifer A. Burns is a dynamic, transformational psychologist. She has over a decade of experience working with individuals seeking recovery from substances. She embodies a trauma informed, strength-based approach while she assists others to embrace their life experiences to heal and become their best versions of self. She is passionate about supporting others where they are on their life journey. Jennifer’s innate motivation is to inspire...

  • Everett WA

Sarah Anne Brooks Verified Provider

Recovery Coach, RCPF, Coach advisor

I have an art of walking along side recoverees while supporting them to remove barriers that stand in their way to achieve their goals. My own journey has provided recovery capital insights that allow me to confidently support anyone who desires to go forward on their recovery path or, those who just seek recovery support. I have been directly coaching recovery coaches, peers leaving treatment programs, parents...

    Patty S Fallone Verified Provider

    Parent Recovery Coach

    I am an experienced parent recovery coach and host on line support groups for parents of addicts as well as groups for siblings of addicts.

    • Goshen NY
    • Out-of-Network, Superbill available

    A Calm Place Therapy Verified Provider

    Psychotherapy and CBIT for Tourette syndrome

    Life can throw us a lot of curveballs! Are you feeling overwhelmed? Relationships, pregnancies, babies, new jobs, new moves, and new places can disrupt our mental health and leave us feeling anxious or depressed. If you’re feeling less like yourself, with anxious thoughts, trouble sleeping, trouble making decisions, difficulty motivating or just feeling like your new life wasn’t what you expected, I can help get you on...

    • Cape Coral FL
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    Nelson L. Hadler, LLC Verified Provider

    Treating adults, adolescents and families for thirty years. Mood , Substance Use and Co-Occurring Disorders as well as trauma, loss and psychotic disorders. Relaxed, confidential and personalized treatment. Clinical supervision provided as well. Florida and NJ Certified Clinical Supervisor. Internationally Certified Drug and Alcohol Supervisor. Licensed in Florida and New Jersey. NJ: LCSW, LCADC, CCS FL: LCSW, CAC, ICCS

    • Pennington NJ

    The Peace We Crave Verified Provider

    Reiki | Meditation | Transformation

    Tanya offers a unique holistic approach to finding freedom in recovery through trauma-sensitive chakra/12-step focused meditation, chakra energy healing, and spiritual life coaching.

    • Fair Haven NJ
    • Out-of-Network
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    Ellen Ashinoff, LSW, LCSW Verified Provider

    Social Worker

    I am a Licensed Social Worker in NJ and NY and have over 20 years experience. I work with women, teens and families in person and remotely to provide counseling, supportive case management and school search/advocacy programming. I've worked with women struggling with post partum depression or anxiety in an out patient facility and privately with clients. Additional experience includes fostercare social work, school social worker and...

    • Clearwater FL

    Morgan Dynda, RCP Verified Provider

    Recovery Coach Professional

    Hi! My name is Morgan and I am a Recovery Coach Professional (RCP) designated by the Connecticut Community of Addiction Recovery (CCAR). I hold a certificate in Addiction Studies and currently work at a non-profit Recovery Community Organization (RCO). I have personal experience dealing with mental health issues, eating disorders, and grief navigation. I specialize in addiction recovery coaching and hold a support group for those who...

    • Charlotte NC

    Frederick Fowle Verified Provider

    Recovery Coach Professional

    Currently I'm the CEO and Founder of a non for-profit organization called Free At Last Too. The program offers services for those who has been stricken with substance abuse and mental health that led to poverty. I bring personal, and professional experience that has allowed me to help many for the past 18 years.

    • Longmont CO
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    Redpoint Center Verified Provider

    Intensive Outpatient Program

    The Redpoint Center is an intensive outpatient substance abuse and mental health treatment facility that seeks to empower its clients to live meaningful lives of Community, Purpose, and Recovery. Our team of licensed professionals understands the complex challenges associated with starting anew, and collectively provide a diverse set of tools to safely navigate those challenges.

    • Bowling Green KY

    The Bridge to Recovery Verified Provider

    Residential workshop

    We are a nonprofit residential workshop the helps people with unresolved trauma, family of origin issues, codependency and other maladaptive coping strategies. A safe and loving place to uncover and discover what your core issues are and provide tools for for you to have a renewed enthusiasm for your life. The minimum length is stay is 2 weeks.

    • Germantown MD

    Revolution Recovery Verified Provider

    Addiction & Recovery Consulting

    • South Bend IN

    Integrated Recovery Support Services Verified Provider

    our Mission Statement: To strengthen the capacity of the recovery community by integrating education, resources, trainings and leadership to recovery coaches, service providers and community organizations. Inspiring breakthroughs in the way all communities treat persons in recovery from mental health, addictions and incarceration.

    • Lynn MA

    Sea Shells Counseling Verified Provider

    I am a person in long term SUD recovery as well as a Master's level licensed trained addictions counselor (LADC I). In my practice I incorporate the idea that all paths of recovery are valid and should be honored. I meet people where they are at and proceed from there. Spirituality is the foundation of my personal recovery not to be confused with religion...