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  • Longmont CO
  • Out-of-Network, Superbill available

Redpoint Center Verified Provider

Intensive Outpatient Program

The Redpoint Center is an intensive outpatient substance abuse and mental health treatment facility that seeks to empower its clients to live meaningful lives of Community, Purpose, and Recovery. Our team of licensed professionals understands the complex challenges associated with starting anew, and collectively provide a diverse set of tools to safely navigate those challenges.

  • Tampa FL

South Tampa Therapy and Mediation Verified Provider

Our goal at South Tampa Therapy is to provide you with a comfortable, respectful and supportive environment where you feel open to explore any issues that come up during treatment. If, for whatever reason, we are not the right fit for you, we will provide you with resources and encourage you to find the place where you can begin your journey towards a more fulfilling life. I’ve created...

  • New Haven CT
  • Out-of-Network, Superbill available
  • Out-of-Pocket Only

Turnbridge Verified Provider


Since its inception in 2003, Turnbridge has received national acclaim for its industry-leading work with young adults who have been derailed by substance use and co-occurring disorders. Turnbridge’s three-phased, step-down process is informed by conclusive studies that show the longer an individual is engaged in treatment the better his or her outcome. As Turnbridge residents advance through each Phase, their coping skills, self-esteem, and recovery...

  • Indianapolis IN

Circle City Sober Living Verified Provider

Circle City Sober Living provides male and male identifying residents (ages 18 and over) with a comfortable, safe and structured living environment in which to recover from addictive issues. While the staff is available for support in this process, it is important that residents are able and willing to be accountable for their daily responsibilities. This program is a stepping stone towards living in an independent manner. Program...

  • Longport NJ

Surfside Recovery Services Verified Provider

Surfside Structured Sober Living

Surfside is a long-term, adventure-based life development program for young adult men (17-35) in early recovery from substance use disorder. Surfside’s goal is to end the cycle of addiction, bridging the gap from a treatment setting to the real world using measurable goals, 12-step immersion and adventure/action-based activities.

  • Offers Telecare

Kevin Diakiw, RCP, CCRC Verified Provider

Certified Recovery Coach

Kevin Diakiw a certified recovery coach, and recovery coach trainer in Canada. He is in long-term, continuous recovery, meaning he hasn't needed a mind-altering substance since July 22, 1991. He gets great joy in helping others find their own path to wholeness, where drugs and alcohol aren't a necessary part of their own ideal life. He is also schooled in the CRAFT method of family therapy, teaching families how to...

  • Carbondale CO

Jaywalker Lodge Verified Provider

Addiction Treatment Center

Jaywalker offers an addiction treatment continuum with a committed focus on 12-step philosophy and community integration. In addition, we are a multidisciplinary team consisting of MDs, Master’s-level clinicians, addiction specialists, and mental health and trauma experts capable of treating complex clients that present with a myriad of mental health, psychiatric and trauma disorders. Our program is multimodal, clinically sophisticated and achieves a high rate of success...

  • Saint Paul MN

St. Paul Sober Living Verified Provider

St. Paul Sober Living got its start in June of 2001 with one men’s home on Juno Avenue in St. Paul. We were excited and fired up to do this right. Though we made some mistakes, we learned and improved quickly. It turned out that focusing on the unity of the group and promoting an accountable, supportive environment was the foundation of a great sober house. We...

  • Hingham MA

New Harbor Recovery Verified Provider

Upscale sober living for men serving professionals and young adults on Boston's South Shore

Men's sober home in Hingham, MA for people with substance use and dual diagnosis issues.

    Williamsburg House Verified Provider

    Extended Residential Care

    The Williamsburg House is a long term residential community for those struggling with addiction and other mental health conditions. Our goal is to provide a loving, judgment free home where clients are able to honestly look at their behaviors knowing the love they're receiving is unconditional

    • Hermann MO

    Learn to Live Recovery Verified Provider

    Upscale Structured sober living

    At Learn to Live Recovery we want to provide you with the best tools and programming to assist you in your recovery process! You have chosen us because you believe in uncompromising care in a next-level living environment. We have created a structured and supportive program that is explained in more detail below. The program is built to not just help our residents recover, but to thrive in...