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    Bridge To Shore Interventions Verified Provider

    Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder Interventions

    At Bridge to Shore Interventions, we help families heal when the family system has been negatively impacted by addiction and mental health. We conduct interventions, provide sober transport, recovery companions, and I often work one-on-one with families to help them choose the right treatment facility for their loved with. I am also partnered with SoberLink Monitoring to provide alcohol monitoring services to my clients. Addiction is very...

    • New York NY

    Keithie Lawrence RCP Verified Provider

    Director of Recovery Services

    My name is Keithie Lawrence, I'm a person with lived experience who decided to make healthier decisions in 2009. I'm also a strong ally and confidant to the people we work with to navigate their Recovery Support. I'm also a Recovery Coach Professional who facilitates training to set people on a course to get employed in the role they love, which is Recovery Coaching. I'm based in...

      TLC Family Recovery Services Verified Provider

      TLC Family Recovery Services provides a comprehensive spectrum of services to families. Whether you are searching for yourself or a loved one, I understand that this is a difficult time for you and your family. I offer confidential, compassionate help to individuals and families affected by addictive disorders and mental health issues.

      • Charlestown RI

      Jessica Jalbert, CPRS Verified Provider

      substance misuse and mental health challenges

      • Asheville NC

      Southeast Therapeutic Consultants Verified Provider

      Helping families find their way.

      Southeast Therapeutic Consultants is a therapeutic and educational consulting practice located in the Asheville Area of Western North Carolina. With strong alliances in the therapeutic treatment and collegiate recovery communities across the country, we serve as a guide in the field of behavioral health treatment, planning, education, and case management. We help families facing the overwhelming complications involved in seeking treatment and looking for long-term recovery....

      • Carbondale CO

      Jonathan Lencioni Verified Provider

      I have worked in treatment since 2015. My first job was the Program Director of a sober living in Colorado. I then worked at Jaywalker Lodge running the alumni program and working on the admissions team. Both of these jobs made me realize the important role an interventionist and recovery coach can play in a person’s, and their family’s, recovery. In January of 2020 I started Lighthouse...

      • Rutland VT
      • Offers Telecare
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      Shaylan Cunliffe, MA Verified Provider

      Rostered Clinician

      Current PsyD candidate with competed pre-doctoral supervised hours under Dr. Jennie Holden. I received my Masters in Psychology from Meridian University. Meridian University is a transformative learning program that is shaping me to be an Imaginal Psychologist; embracing the healing applications of expressive arts; mindfulness; somatic awareness; psychodynamic as well as cognitive behavioral interventions; offering safe and equitable spaces; and recognising the root meaning of “psyche” as...

      • Salt Lake City UT

      Reach Aftercare Verified Provider

      Myself and my team have been doing Interventions, Case management, Transporting, and Sober Coaching/Companion work since 2009. I am a member of multiple credentialing boards, and am happy to provide that information. We work anywhere in the country.

        Phil Plant and Associates Verified Provider

        Therapeutic Interventionist and Recovery Specialist

        Phil Plant and Associates specialize in helping clients achieve sustainable, long-term recovery from addiction and co-occuring mental health issues. Recognizing that addiction is a family disease, we do an assessment of the family system, with emphasis on developing an individualized Recovery Plan for the loved on suffering with addiction and mental issues. Our services include: Treatment Consulting, Therapeutic Intervention, Case Management and Recovery Oversight, Therapeutic Life Coaching...

        • Broomfield CO
        • Out-of-Pocket Only

        Alissa Lewis Verified Provider

        Certified Addiction Specialist. NASM Certified Personal Trainer. NASM Certified in Nutrition. She has over ten years of experience working in behavioral and mental health settings in various capacities. Alissa has assisted at many treatment centers and most recently, worked a few years at a psychiatric hospital in Colorado. Her passion in helping others in addiction began with her own journey of freedom and healing beginning fourteen...

        • Bryn Mawr PA
        • Out-of-Network, Superbill available

        Espenshade Counseling Verified Provider

        Espenshade Counseling is a full service concierge outpatient behavioral health care management firm established in 2015. Our Founder, Sarah McCabe Espenshade’s family legacy and personal struggles inspired her to establish a behavioral health organization that caters to the unique needs of affluent individuals and families. Espenshade Counseling specializes in developing highly customized, “outside of the box” behavioral health care solutions for affluent individuals and families who require...

        • Mill Valley CA
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        Brad Waldo Consulting Verified Provider

        Recovery Coaching and Case Management

        At Brad Waldo Consulting, sustainable, fulfilling recovery from drugs and alcohol is our goal. After nearly a decade of working in treatment centers and the music industry, Brad has identified key areas of risk to maintaining sobriety, and through individual recovery coaching and family care management, provides a solution for those risks. Brad Waldo Consulting provides comprehensive assessment and referral to treatment, concierge discharge planning to ensure successful...

        • Wayne NJ

        Rudy Novak, JD, CIP Verified Provider

        Attorney, Treatment Consultant, Certified Interventionist

        Attorney, Director of Outreach for Turnbridge, Certified Interventionist

        • Denver CO
        • Out-of-Pocket Only

        The Recovery Guides Verified Provider

        Behavioral Health Services

        The Recovery Guides is a behavioral health services provider. We integrate with current care continuums, consultants, and clinicians to provide wrap around support services such as: Intervention, Private Investigators, Crisis Navigation, Case Management, Transport, Drug & Alcohol Testing, and In-Home Support Staff. We work regularly with adults and adolescents.

        • Boynton Beach FL

        A Design for Living Verified Provider

        Intervention, Clinical Care Management, Transport

        • Alpharetta GA
        • Out-of-Pocket Only

        The Remembering Inc. Verified Provider

        Meghan Robinson

        Meghan Robinson combines her personal recovery experience with the very latest holistic behavioral health solutions. Robinson is the owner of The Remembering Recovery Corporation, an independent behavioral health consulting firm, specializing in addiction and mental health crisis case-management. With a nationwide network of expert specialists, Robinson coordinates providers to create clinical and therapeutic treatment plans that result in systemic and comprehensive recovery for both her clients and...

        • Oradell NJ
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        • EmblemHealth
        • Empire BlueCross BlueShield

        Pegie Contillo , MSW LCSW SAC Verified Provider

        • Beverly Hills CA
        • Offers Telecare

        Emili Barbour Verified Provider

        Coaching, Consulting & Leadership Development

        I seek to help people tap into their own intrinsic resources and guide them to develop new ones. Through personalized behavioral interventions I encourage growth so people can blossom into the integrated individual I believe they can be. The purpose of my work is to help find solutions for obstacles that are getting in the way of individuals meeting their fully realized potential. I work through an...

        • New York NY

        The Recovery Coach NY Verified Provider

        Full Service Case Management Company. We work with families and individuals struggling with substance and mental health issues. Transport, companion, coaching, Intervention adolescent through older adult

        • Vineyard Haven MA

        Decisions Counseling Services LLC Verified Provider

        Addiction Treatment Service Specialist

        Born and raised on the Jersey Shore, my life was a mixed blessing of love and accomplishment mixed with the shit show of peace love, and drugs, drugs, drugs, which dominated my landscape till my marriage to a girl from Martha’s Vineyard. My last line of coke was at my wedding on June 28, 1986, which demarcated my climb back to reality. It was a...

        • Saint Paul MN

        Drew Horowitz & Associates, LLC Verified Provider

        Addiction Consulting

        Drew Horowitz is a skilled interventionist. Over the past 10 years, Drew has led over 700 interventions. In 2018 alone, 82% of his interventions resulted in clients going to treatment that same day. A remaining 12% of clients went to treatment within two weeks.